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Camping Orpheus is one of the most beautiful areas in the center of Greece in New Panteleimon down the mountain of the gods, Mount Olympus, on the shores of Pieria. It is from the Greek border 140chil., Which is why it is a destination for many Greek and foreign tourists. Driving the National Road Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki - Athens, a small road, 200. about your guide at our site in Orpheus.


From the beautiful shores of the Aegean Sea is located in a forested area of ​​15.000m2, the intimate atmosphere and perfect cleanliness, end ideal vacation for everyone.
Driving the National Road Thessaloniki / Thessaloniki - Athens (E 75), you will see the castle of Platamonas dominating a hill. There, going left towards the beach and follow the road alongside the railroad tracks for about 500 meters. Will end up in our campsite.